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CoPLUS is proud to be a prestigious tax agent that is highly recommended by Thua Thien Hue Tax Department due to our experience and expertise


New start-up businesses in Vietnam must complete several operations with government authority such as monthly tax declaration, year-end tax finalization, insurance payment declaration for labor, final settlement of PIT for employees, etc.

For the first business operators, these financial reporting requirements may be complicated and time-consuming; or SMEs often don’t have a lot of budget and tax reporting tasks to be solved much either. Therefore, outsourcing tax agents can save time and budget, minimize legal risks and comply with the law as well.

  • Report monthly VAT, PIT and pay tax to the tax authority (if applicable);
  • To make quarterly the monthly tax report of this quarter and the quarterly report for VAT, PIT, corporate income tax, and the report on the use of invoices;
  • Produce financial statements, annual tax reports, fourth-quarter CIT reports, and PIT closeout reports;
  • Work directly with the tax office when needed and when this occurs.