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Uncategorized20 December, 20210Happy birthday CoPLUS! We are turning 5 years old, March 11, 2021

March 11, 2021, has been a date worth remembering for CoPLUS, as CoPLUS members came together to celebrate their five years of formation and development. The event entitled “5 years of a joyful journey” was held with the presence of many representatives of businesses that are domestic and foreign partners; representatives from the government in the province.  

(Photo: CoPLUS) 

(Photo: CoPLUS) 

5-year is not a long way along the journey, but CoPLUS members have been through all the emotions of joy, sadness, challenges to be confident of the strength of our position.  

(Photo: CoPLUS) 

Opening remarks by Ms. Nguyen Thi An Nhan – CEO/Co-Founder and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – COO/Co-founder can barely talk about the milestone, challenges, and efforts at the first phase of CoPLUS without getting emotional. Over the past five years, CoPLUS has gradually asserted its prestigious brand in consulting, providing investment and corporate management services to foreign and domestic enterprises. Ms. Nguyen Thi An Nhan also believes that each member of CoPLUS – with their own identity – joins hands to build a strong business with distinct values.  

Regarding the forwards’ orientations, Ms. Nhan once again affirmed the efforts of each member of CoPLUS to make the business one of the leading choices in the field of providing services to domestic and foreign enterprises. 

Marketing team CoPLUS.

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