20 years ago, the number of Japanese enterprises investing in Ho Chi Minh City was  nearly 200 companies. However, up to now, the figure have increased to 1000 . there are around 1800  Japanese corporates in Viet Nam, including 1000  in the South, 100  in the Middle and 700  in the North

In recently years, Japan investment waves in Vietnam are more. According to statistics, Japan was the biggest in direct investment in Vietnam (FDI) on 8 months ago, with gross budget investment was 7B. USD, contributed 28.8% total budget investment.

Due to the advantages of politics – good security, stable policies,  cheap labor costs, Viet Nam is one of the most attractive destination for foreign companies, . At present, Japanese enterprises are still focusing on manufacturing in Vietnam with the aim to export final products. the more advances in technology and science, The higher standard of living. The 100 million population market will be a lucrative market for any country business. Especially for Japan where has modern technology in the world.

Credit source: The Leader.

Image source: VietnamBiz