Why did I invest in Hue and Co-PLUS ?

Everyone talks of the three major cities of Vietnam and their dynamic growth. Dynamic growth is often greedy, selfish and doesn’t contain deep care of social needs and community. Hue has these two qualities and deep history invested in its culture and style that should be retained and conserved.

I fell in love with Hue as I crossed the steel bridge one morning when here as a business volunteer. I met a young woman who wanted to do something for herself and for her birth city. I felt we could help young entrepreneurs of any age and add to the  business IQ of Central Vietnam

Advantage when investing in Hue – Central?

It was a business and social decision. I developed a business plan, I evaluated the market and talked to successful local business people, and it was clear that an opportunity existed. I expected a return on my investment. First the result in new businesses and expertise, the second, and impact on community thinking and knowledge, third a small return on my funds, as I am driven by making profit and then spending it on worthwhile events. While old capitalism is dying, new responsible business with an agenda that cares for community, and our planet, is very worthwhile.

The weaknesses I have encountered are trust, team work, and a failure to have high ideals or goals. I am still pushing these as essential for this city and its business environment. It does not mean being hugely successful or rich in Dong, it means encouraging international excellence, it means being a part of the whole, and it means working in the most efficient manner with an eye to the future.

My biggest concern right now, internationally and in Hue,as I wind down my involvement in Co-PLUS, is the financial structure of banking and finance, the lack of sufficient effort to clean the environment, and the continuation of the rich getting richer and unconcerned for their fellow inhabitants of the planet. I believe we need planet management as well as small management of business and community.

My tips to new entrepreneurs in Hue are just two. Do the research and develop a business plan and be tough on your dreams and on the facts. Failure and bad news or difficulty is healthy and can be overcome…think outside the box ! Secondly, you must stick with it ! Success does not come easily, the world is a competitive place..toughen up. Perservere, and….be honest with the feedback you get from market or customers…don’t ignore criticism.

I am more than happy to meet anyone individually at CoPLUS who would like help, and coPLUS of course, has all the resources to help business at any stage of its development.

Chairman, Co-founder CoPLUS