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Fontera Dairy Company

Fontera Dairy Company. New Zealand’s largest company. Client wanted to be premier ! in world milk powder sales within 4 years. Brief was to rationalize current factory capability and build 3 new plants within 5 years and produce worlds best at competitive price.

Our solution: Close two plants, rationalize packing and warehousing and build 3 new plants at world cutting edge technology, one plant being largest thruput at that time in tonnes per hour output.

Evaluation: Comparison of sites and plant size by cost, risk analysis and logistics costs as well as ability and cost of transport for raw materials and shipping.

Contribution and negotiation with key players and authorities and value engineering of project design and layouts.


Federal Courts, Canberra, Australia.

Federal Courts, Canberra, Australia. Client realized work process and management of documents was slow and inefficient and did not include technology availability. Wanted a streamlined system and filter process to reduce repetition and slow work load outputs.

Our solution: An interview process with key players and customers as well as supply chain evaluation and redesign of work process and flow charts for value chain.

Evaluation: New process tested in one state and then expanded to other areas and proven using a partnership process and open communication with all levels of management, a difficult task in this type of organization.

Many difficulties in changing mind set and introducing new methods, particularly loosening control by upper management.


Ponto Architecture practice, Sydney, Australia

Ponto Architecture practice, Sydney, Australia. Client wanted to divest leadership to a team approach. Improve profitability and relationships.

Our solution: A strategic workshop over two days produced a management team approach with decisions tree and levels of authority. Owner was removed from day to day management with quality and management checks in place based on best practice. A profit sharing scheme was introduced and a succession plan put in place that gave future to owners and staff.

G.W Marner, Sydney, Australia.  

G.W Marner, Sydney, Australia. Client was facing third year of losses and lower sales volume with depressed staff and poor productivity from its stainless steel manufacturing and warehousing operation.

Our solution: Key positions evaluated and changes made to factory management. borrowings increased to fund a marketing campaign and hire of sales staff. New marketing campaign with increase of prices, new factory production scheduling and tight control of waste and inventory.

Evaluation. Company was profitable again within 6 months and in Yr 2 after the changes achieved record profit. All staff included in profit sharing and general health of company put it as no 2 supplier in three years up from 5.

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